My troubles with GIS softwares

I have always loved computer programs. However, there is one class of softwares that have always bothered me. GIS (Geographic Information System) softwares.

First there is the old ArcGIS with a huge community of users. As a professional paid software, it should do things well. However, living in a third world country means having no access to original product. Whatever “cracks” we find are flawed. It’s technically a virus. And even the software does not work well.

But even if were a full version, I am not satisfied with ArcGIS. It still runs on 32-bit engine, is unintuitive, the toolboxes are messy and many functions require improvement.

My eyes then fell on QGIS. The free open source software is smaller than ArcGIS, has rapid development and looks better. But there are a lot of plugins. It’s cool but even the most important functions like georeferencing are associated with plugins. The lightness of the software disappears as you keep adding the plugins.

There is another one, ILWIS that I have to work with. It’s free, purely academic (built and managed by University of Twente, Netherlands) and quick but too old-fashioned. The modern version does not work well unfortunately.

GIS softwares have been bothering me. I wish things were easier to handle. But I am stuck with them for now.

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