I was taught to be patient. I was taught to wait for those things that I wanted but could not afford for different reasons. I grew up as a good child who never demanded for anything. Most of the times, this was because I didn’t realize what I wanted.

Whenever my parents ask me if I need something, my usual answer is, “I don’t need anything.” This week I surprised myself. “I want a pair of shoes and a T-shirt,” I said. And I got them.

I wasn’t expecting a negative answer because my Mom had noticed that my old shoes were hurting my feet. What I realized was that I might have got at least something from my parents had I known what to demand.

I need to be reasonable, though. I don’t want to be spoiled. Neither do I want to add to our expenditure. But I realized that I don’t always need to wait. I can get what I want. I just have to be brave enough to ask for it.