1. To complete reading a short book within a few minutes is an achievement i feel proud of. Though I can do that everyday : something or the other holds me back.

2. The book only had 30 pages.

3. It’s a translation of essence of Sanskrit book into Hindi with the same name. Its author was Harsha.

4. The story begins with renunciation. Enters into the dimension of romantic love, then again enters into sacrifice and renunciation and ultimately melting of heart of the mount of lord Vishnu Garuna who was eating up nagas one by one until one human decided to sacrifice himself in place of Shankhachurna when it was his turn to offer himself as sacrifice to save random killing of nagas.

The story finally enters into the dimension of miraculous : Indra and Gauri bring dead Mootvaahan(the king of Vidyadharas) and other nagas back to life. Every lives happily ever after.

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