Low Wages!

1. Having lived and worked as a volunteer at Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh, which is a nongovernment organization, I spoke with lady wage earners.

2. Most of them get 17-18 rupees per day. Even if they work a full thirty days: their income would still be in below poverty line range.

3. The organization sells grains and vegetables costlier than usual because of the claimed advantages of organically cultivated crops.

4. As I spoke to some labourers : they preferred rates offered in Jammu. They worked there but couldn’t continue to work as their lands and relatives were here.

5. This is a very poor country. Even after 70 plus years of so called independence. Our population has grown four times: merely to create communal violence and to be divided in the name of this party or that.

6. Every Tom, Dick and Harry advises me to get married and produce offsprings: either in the name of offering oblations to ancestors or in the name of securing a future in which senility wouldn’t be a burden for me. I have not found either these people or those ancestors or those claimants of advantages of bringing more progenies in this world to be able to alleviate the suffering.

7. I am escaping the responsibility: in their opinion, by not consuming more resources than an individual consumes. They, on the other hand take pride in having added to the mayhem and want me to join their leagues.

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