Mommy’s Fine!

1. Just finished watching the movie Triangle (2009.)

2. This review contains spoilers. It’s intended only for those who have either watched it or don’t want to watch it.

3. The title of this post is funniest piece of dialogue in the flick. A young boy watches his mommy’s version number two kill the version number one. Then the version number two tells the boy: “Mommy’s fine!”

4. AEOUS is the name of the father of Sisyphus. The Greek myth of Sisyphus has been quoted in the film. Representing purgatory.

5. I first watched the movie in 2014 when I had returned from a temple where I used to work as a priest. Smartphones didn’t exist then. I had a laptop. This blog also didn’t exist then. I had been living there without a cellphone or internet for 10 months. I didn’t have a phone for many months to come.

6. When I watched this movie it seemed mind boggling. Then I read some reviews and it made sense.

7. You can see: event horizon. Psychosis. Repeated errors. Lying. Not keeping promises. Merciless killing. These are all which perpetuate the cycles for the protagonist Jess.

8. Her only mission is the hope to live happily with her kid. The boy she lost in an accident. She lives the same day: over and over again. Trying to rectify her mistakes. It’s your Groundhog Day with some extra gore and violence.

9. There are many time loop movies but this one stuck in my memory when I watched it. Now I feel it’s pretty easy to understand. It has been seven years since I watched it.

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