Is it?

Whenever I was hungry,

Giving me pure food as if He Himself were hungry,

And ridding me of the harrassing hunger,

He gracious established both his feet in my heart replete with flesh;

And gave me sanctuary,

At the moment,

When my bridegroom who dances in the Hall of Gnosis,

And who is rare for even the king of heavens to gain,

Embraced me externally,

I hugged the golden form which he pressed on me,

And rejoiced!

As regards the famed esoteric embrace,

Is it possible to tell you its sublimity?

–Ramalinga Swamikal Adigal,

From the book : The Pathway to God Trod by Ramalinga Swamikal

Verse 94 from Anubhav Malai( The Garland of Experience)

This is one of the last 101 verses composed by him before his disappearance/ascension in January 1874.

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