Covid 19?

1. There never was any new disease as far as I am concerned. I have repeated it too often, on and off WordPress and it doesn’t serve any useful purpose at present but I want new readers to know.

2. I was beaten by cops for not wearing a mask in April. I was healthy then. I am healthy now. I completed a marathon on January 12th. I always take cold water bath. Visit all facilities and public places. There was no Covid 19 for me.

3. In India, it was opportune to use it to create fear among masses and arrest them without reason. It happens to kill dissent whenever you give complete majority to a regime. It happens time and again. CIA, NRC and Shaheen Bagh. If there was no excuse like Covid 19 to crush, Shaheen Bagh would have continued despite all brutality. New movements are staged to divert attention from old issues. For example: the fast track hearing of Pranava Pandya case which was given coverage in Dainik Bhaskar, a Hindi local. Vyapam is going to be one of the greatest mystery thrillers only when a century passes.

4. Any layperson can use Google or any other search engines to find out that Bill Gates was already planning a vaccination drive long before Covid 19. Well, what has that got to do with current vaccination campaign, you would ask.

5. Nothing. I am a conspiracy buff. JFK to Gandhis to Shashtri to Subhash Chandra Bose it all happened in this country. Bill Gates knows about the Time Travel like Steven Greer but they won’t tell you about any of it. Instead, they will propound theories by Stephen Hawking telling you why it’s impossible.

6. To confuse you further: I have travelled in time with merely power of my will. You might call me deluded and I won’t mind as I can’t repeat it on demand. Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence: consider it my fancy for a while.

7. I hope this entertained you.

Featured image: chemtrails

Credit: Self. Captured in the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Complex Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

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