Boss Level!

1. It’s the latest time loop SciFi flick I have watched.

2. I love watching such movies. Groundhog day and Triangle are some of my favorites in this genre.

3. This film uses elements from many other movies like ‘Before I Sleep’ or ‘Happy Death Day,’ and yet it has an emotional bond between three members of a family. The humor in this genre is a must but the key highlight always remains the stress on learning from our mistakes.

4. Purgatory or myth of Sisyphus are classical literature based on such themes. We want to live a life free from unnecessary trouble and discomfort or want to excel in every endeavour. That needs practice. In time loop thrillers you vicariously enjoy learning within a day -what might be worth hundreds of lifetimes.

5. In some cases heroes or heroines move out of these fourth dimensional loops and in others they can’t. In movies like Edge of Tomorrow, Tenet or Boss Level it’s mostly these characters taking part in some military experiments against an impending doom.

6. I recommend this movie.

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