Seismic Coupon!

1. I played ten vocabulary jams with following recent achievements on

Leader of the Jams: Ranked 3rd this week!
Jam Team Leader This Week!
Winning Team Member This Week!

2. As you can see: in all those formats my performance has been better than PC. It doesn’t mean however that I am a better player. It only means: I played more number of games this week.

3. PC and Stephen D shown in the images are two players who can easily score in excess of 900. I might have scored 900 in 2020 but don’t remember ever scoring it this year. As told before: internet speeds here are also responsible.

4. Nationality as declared:

PC: Unites States of America

Stephen D: Japan

Hang L: China

10( Author and admin here aka dancinglightofgrace ): India

5. I had strange dreams. Identified it was long since I moved out of those black holes. Kept paying attention to events and people far too much than I should have. All my attention should be given to only thing that matters.

6. A Tohu Verse

Cold shoulder boulder

Bolder cold war

Older der furor teutonic

Nictitate mister lazy pumpkin

Bumpkin kinship shipwrecks

Munchkin kingly lyrically calculably


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