Evening stories!

1. Giridhara Kaviraay wrote verses in Hindi in a format known as Kundali. It’s similar to Hindi word for horoscope and might have a connection with Kundabuffer or kundalini.

2. He was born in Vikram Samvat 1717. There’s an interesting story behind the origin of his verses:

3. A carpenter who was his neighbor had a fine inventive mind. He invented a bed which automatically fanned whoever sat on it. The bed was gifted to the king of the state who was very pleased and ordered for another piece. The carpenter had some buff with the poet. He posed a condition for working on second bed.

He told the king that bed would be made only with the wood from the tree which was planted in garden of the poet. The king ordered for the tree to be chopped. It was such a tragedy for the poet that he left his home and began wandering from state to state–composing verses based on what he considered to be worldly wisdom.

4. I came across a book on his verses as I was registering books this evening. It didn’t take long to complete reading most of the verses from the book as I had studied them in my school textbooks. They were so apt that they entered deep and remained there because they rang with conventional truth like popular sayings and folklores.

5. Another book I came across this evening was Munshi Premchand’s collection of 12 stories on village life. It had Poos Ki Raat in it. That one was a brilliant rendition of a poor watchman of crops who surrenders before the harsh winter and lets crops die.

6. The story read in the class was ‘If I Were You.’ Not very shocking or brilliant or moving for me yet it had a little element of surprise in the conviction with which Vincent Charles or Gerrard convinces the intruder about their kinship. It tells about how good of an artist he’s.

7. Gandhi Smarak Nidhi pays 18 rupees per hour or 150 rupees per day to daily wage earning labourers. The market standard is 300 rupees per day. These details are being given after I tried to apply as a freelance labourer after a trial period in all seriousness. The same non government organisation sells wheat at 1000 rupees higher per quintal compared to market rates. Why not? Very sweet pigeon pea and chickpea. Unforeseen, unprecedented! Gandhi’s name is being used like in most other places without any attention to poor or downtrodden in any earnest sense. The people living inside campus who take care of cows or work in other capacities are easily denied milk while those with rank and approach can get it anyday at ease.

8. I could have avoided the point number seven. The wife of one of the trustees(not secretary anymore: there are three trustees) offered me a tuition job which gave me some pocket money while countless manipulative attacks of all types kept happening day-in and day-out. Her demeanor wasn’t that of utter honesty since the day one. People embezzle and prevaricate. Big people commit big mistakes. Who am I to question Big People, especially with no grounding or backing?

9. Gandhi is a joke. The principles of Gandhi might have been relevant to Gandhi. I see these people swearing, mocking, backstabbing and consistently manipulating each other like in every family, society and country while singing ‘Vaishnava jana to tene kahiye..’ Their prayers lack musicality, their integrity has always been dubious and their fawning support to politicians makes them almost a government organisation. They’re not a non-government organisation. They’re not Vaishnavas. Who are they? Let them discover it for themselves. I know clearly who they aren’t and it’s enough for me. I am at peace with myself.

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