Tenet Cow dung!

1. It’s good to see four to five of us being active here on this forum. I hope more members would post and discuss their ideas. Vicky was here for a while, he might be back. Even statistics tell you that it was not in such a state of healthy activity during last few years. Thanks Pam, Kristina, Rashmi and all others who contributed in the past and many thanks to current contributors and supporters.

2. There are white birds, green birds, cranes, parrots and kingfishers. Butterflies and monkeys which were chased away by three of us. Bursting of crackers resulted in one of the corners near well catching a small fire which was doused.

3. The kitten came twice inside the library via the broken glass hole on the northern wall which connects the gallery to library. It moved out of the main door second time. The first time it was put back via the same hole. Now it jumps on me as well. It would be lurking in the dark and as soon as you walk carefree it jumps on your feet. It looks hilarious but isn’t free from risk. It jumped on my cellphone’s charger and it fell. The phone is still working but I was in a shock for a while because I got it after a long wait. To keep pets is always risky.

4. I weave many stories as I work in the cowshed near younger calves. They are mostly perspective on relationship of humans with pets. Are we also pets for some higher beings who are watching us and gaining sustenance from us like we get from cows by milking them or by killing other animals for their flesh?

5. Gaia is a name used for Earth. It might be from Greek. I am neither sure nor do I want to look it up as I continue to rant here. Gaia does sound like Hindi word for cow. Related sounds are Go or Gau which also indicate senses. Goloka or realm of divine senses is often considered to be realm of cows where cowherds have pastimes in Indian scriptures which have Govinda or knower of senses as a child hero.

6. I also wonder about millennia old conditioning which has made cow dung holy. As to why cow and not other animals? Many advocates would give you scientific reasons. The truth is deeper than that. Pets and humans co-evolve. To say that wolves who remained near human tribes became dogs is right but in the process humans were also adapting to suit both nature and those dogs. This isn’t to say that humans as a species haven’t caused extinction of certain other animals but it’s primarily the nature which causes that and humans in that tale are mere byproducts of a grand natural design. Thus cow dung and everything around became so holy as to make Hindus eat it in some rituals and use all parts of excretion for something or the other. Primarily it was demand and supply which evolved as hunter gatherers became farmers and tamed wild oxen animals. This dependency became synonymous with prosperity and ultimately veneration of animal along with other primal energies in form of rain, thunder, earth and sky.

7. That criticism of feces of other animals when you exalt that of cows is mere conditioning. There’s no real difference between cow dung and pig excreta as far as waste is concerned.

8. What if entire India becomes Vegan? You still need bulls for farming? Machines do that better. Then fuel is needed which gets used up quite soon. A speaker in the recent meeting used an ideology of opening more police stations:

One wing says we are controlling crime.

He told it is actually a shame because thought process should not let requirement for such stations increase.

What he didn’t touch upon was: population explosion. More people need more monitors. Control population then you can control thinking.

8. Part of the reason why modern politicians boast of ruling is the number of people. Actually a fraction of population from Hindi speaking community decides ruler of the country and that community believes in no birth control. Even that fraction is more number of people than those who were living in the entire nation of India some five decades ago. Hence Yashashvi Samrat. Yashashvi kings. Not servants or Chowkidars as they might like you to believe. Be the sovereign and search for your kingdom if you want to.

9. Completed registration of books in the almirah number 12 in library. Bought a new issuing register worth 20 rupees. Now almirah number 13 begins. I intend to read a certain novel which I couldn’t complete two years ago when I began. I intend to read it the same way. It’s associated with a certain entrance. The fine print of the movie Tenet was found on YTS movies after having waited for an year. I enjoyed music which is too dramatic at times: especially around 1:16 where I took break because of boredom. Themes from opening scenes of The Dark Knight, the conflict between husband and wife from Inception, Michael Keaton and Hans Zimmer are repeated themes. The scenes like Windmills in the ocean are breathtaking beauty and remind you of Dune. I hope the second half would be better than first for it’s a dream come true to be able to watch it.

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