Sunday’s 13 word story about Monday

On Mercury a day lasts 1,408 hours. Just like every Monday does on earth.

Rick Sutter

But, Mondays are different on Blogger’s World.

On Mondays, the authors at Blogger’s World, and I am glad to be one of them, try to fill the day with magical inspiration through the weekly feature and then add some more fun throughout the week. I hope you are enjoying it over here just like I am doing.

You can read more quotes from Rick Sutter, the author whose quote you just read at the start of the post at

Some of the readers must be wondering why I have shared a post related to the Monday weekly feature on Sunday. Well, let me say that if you look at it closely the quote at the start of the post just has 13-14 words and hence I have tagged this under the Sunday weekly feature of 13 words story.

I wish you all a happy weekend, a great Monday and a nice first week of the month of February.

Your friend

Rehan Kazi

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