Om Money Payme Huh?

If you know what the **** is going on here, you’re probably full of shit!

-Robert Anton Wilson

1. Again the same vehicle though I was earlier than yesterday, minus ream of papers.

2. The yellow auto on a Thursday is a blessing. Represents Jupiter Odin dindinabulation ions on and on.

3. On top of it : the driver asks me to join him on his seat. Never happened before: used to be a feature of old styled autos. Old style in e-rickshaw.

4. “Why don’t you put on a mask now sir?” He asked at the place I was about to alight. He handed me over a ten rupees coin with “Centenary Commemoration of Gandhi’s Return From South Africa;” it was released in 2015.

5. What does a kid need? A ten rupees copper coin with yellow tinge on a Thursday.

6. A caravan was coming from that side to Horse Chauka. I saw Dhaneeraam on the way. And the actor who had sold me the temple story when he took me post office.

7. The green pen.

1915: 2015: Gandhi’s return from South Africa

8. 1915 adds up to 7. Today 28.1.2021 adds upto 7. What more you need?

9. While playing vocab jams on I came across a quote by Stephen Hawking which said that a tendency to find consistency in observations is a blinding tendency and it has been present in mankind since its inception on Earth.

10. Umberto Eco also said same thing: the drive to find an underlying pattern in chaos is limitation of reason.

11. Nayak is a player who’s in the Hall of Fame on He appeared for a while. Then, just before the main road a look alike projected his image: as if it wasn’t enough: another Nayak ji appeared who was last spotted peeing outside the Shatabdi ground. I shouldn’t have mentioned that. Many people don’t know that I am very popular and constantly on watch by labour union, farmer union, masons, secret police and so on. Madhya Pradesh government jeep gave way to the autowallah. Shobha Dey ends here.

12. Here’s the summary of ranks:


13. Shouldn’t be surprising as there were 5-7 players per game.

14. Look at the game scores:

650, 720, 700, 790, 680, 700, 790, 555

15. I couldn’t reach 800. Not even once. What a pity. Mediocrity doesn’t seem to leave me no matter how hard I try!

16. Look at this: yesterday I scored 90 on every question on one of the jams. There were 10 questions. I should have received a score of 900. Why didn’t I?

Because: miscalculated.

It’s designed to give advantage to USA players. You read USA books. It’s a site based in USA. Take it or leave it. Top hall of fame players haven’t even heard of jams. After having exhausted words to master once I decided to proceed slowly and islowly, by and by, via jams, to improve my reading speed.

17. Hearing Om Mani Padme Hum.

It sounded like Payme huh?

Mani was jewel on top of snake.

The symbolic naga with wisdom sings praises of divine grace.

Noble virtue

Mani sounds like Money

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