Leonardo And Ramalinga!

1. The difference between height of European and Indian thoughts can be found by comparing two geniuses: Leonardo Da Vinci and Ramalinga Swamikal Adigal.

2. The former was declared to be the greatest genius in a poll among artists. The latter is widely regarded as the greatest Tamil poet of the nineteenth century. They were both artists.

3. I have read Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks and Ramalinga Swamikal Adigal’s verses for some time. Examined their thinking patterns a bit.

4. Leonardo was born in the fifteenth century whereas Ramalinga was born in the nineteenth.

5. There was about a 400 years gap in their lifetimes yet their achievements are similar. They’re those of archetypical Renaissance Men.

6. Leonardo is widely known to have mastered many departments including sculpting, costume making, botany, music and medicine. However, as his horoscope also reveals, he was a master designer of weapons. Tank is his invention. He was most useful to king as a mason and weapon maker. His popularity is because of Monalisa and other works of art.

7. Ramalinga is not as popular as Leonardo. Even Gandhi is more popular than Ramalinga. The Truth which Gandhi was searching for was found by Ramalinga and declared in his verses to be final. Thus: popularity is never a standard about anything’s degree of perfection. Ramalinga turned to philanthropy in his later years but couldn’t find as much of success as he aspired for.

8. Ramalinga mastered alchemy as per some accounts. That was part of gaining of pure body of gnosis. He left this plane in a visible form at an age of 51 years. He vanished without leaving any body. Not even nails or hair as left in case of many Buddhist Lamas who attained rainbow bodies.

9. Leonardo died on lap of king of France at an age of 67. His achievements still remain unparalleled, even after 500 years. Swedenborg, Goethe, Leibniz and other polymaths are considered to be in his league but the mastery in as many subjects and being pioneer for many fields with artistic excellence to the degree he achieved is something unique.

10. Leonardo couldn’t gain victory over death, decay or aging. Ramalinga did. Leonardo explored material Science whereas Ramalinga revealed inner Science. Philosophically they were both kind persons; compassionate. The eastern counterpart emphasized devotion to Self or Sanmaargam (You’re verily Godhead.) In his earliest part his struggle to get proper food made him adore Godhead as food but his work to help feed poor and needy and mastery over death, decay and aging finally made him sing songs of highest mystic virtue.

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