1. Spent half an hour breaking stones with a Thor like hammer and throwing away the crushed pieces.

2. A brief discussion about life and afterlife.

3. The Sunshine is soothing now. Sound of vehicle horns and agricultural equipments.

4. Had to fill two buckets full of drinking water early morning as there was none available in the kitchen.

5. Insects are buzzing into my ears. Witnessed a puppy being scared by a kitten. The kitten was hiding under the chair. The puppy was wagging its tail and looked desperately at me for help. I politely rebuked the kitten.

6. Attended flag ceremony at two places. At the park the picture had the lion showing its tongue in a wierd way.

7. The first ceremony: kids began singing a song when they received the prompt ‘Rashtrageet.’ The prompt should have been ‘Rashtragaan.’ Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya penned the Rashtrageet which talks about bounteous greenery and beauty of Indian subcontinent. The song was taken from Anand Math. The Rashtragaan was written by Rabindranath Tagore.

8. Filling sweets into envelopes needed me to puff the envelopes up. The whole exercise might have taken about an hour. The only incident was a kitten jumping at the mobile charger- thereby making my phone drop. I recalled the previous episode in which another smartphone got damaged.

9. Putting chairs. Cleaning them. Arranging flowers. Charging up loud speaker could have been done in advance. They wait for most of the things. They’re deficient in principles of management with multiple lines of command. Their behaviour is mostly dependent on proving their worth among some people who are mostly like them: collection of bones and blood. Their truths and modes of operation change as soon as people appear. It’s not always ingratiating, it’s often a strange madness which knows no end.

10. One less day of ignorance. One more day of learning. Transition into pure body of gnosis and bliss.

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