Plum Glum Lumpsum Sumptuous!

1. Epithalamium is a new word to me. It’s not epic but certainly related to epistles. It’s also a message. A letter written on someone’s wedding. Dingdong singsong live long etceteran anschuluss.

It has nothing to do with the metal thalium umm umlaut stark autark anarchy season.

It’s not an e-pit : an online phishing scam hinged with zed eye cameras. Neither a bicameral government system to fool you with good daddy versus bad Maddy.

It has a hint of a hala which is Urdu for liquor. And lam lambda looks like iamb rhyme scheming with ming dynasty’s nasty stylus lustrous sulcus omnibus busted stead bead ennead.

2. Compiler is a word i frequently used in communication while working in IT industry. As a noun. There it means a virtual machine which helps you proofread your code: the machine instructions are refined. Made aligned with what might be called proper machine Grammar or syntax by parsing.

The compiler, in a sense obeys the command.

The meaning i came across today is in that sense. A verb.

She compiled as i ordered her to open the window.

3. Visceral means a conclusion or decision or perception you reach at with your intuition rather than by using logical deliberations.

In another ghastly sense it might also mean picturing disemboweled stuff.

4. Sedition means any illegal activity intended as a treason or harm against a lawful authority.

5. Disingenuous means insincere.

Like so many other terms in English language: it’s unnecessarily cumbersome. Genus is ‘related to roots.’ Taxonomic. Ingenuous should mean ‘that which is not related to roots or impure.’ Ideally : not everything which is not related to its original form should be considered impure. Here we have already used double ideals. But in general, in case of natural elements like water, air, earth and fire: the measure of purity is their being themselves: unadulterated.

Thus: ingenuous is not genuine. It means insincere. Why then do we need the double negation dis-in-genuous. I am not a linguist. My study and guesswork rests here.

6. Reconnaissance looks like Renaissance. It’s a very long word with 14 letters of English alphabet invested in its creation. ( Top secret: i still have difficulty counting syllables. I have already told you many of my shortcomings and this would be the plus one for you. A gift. Enjoy!)

It has rec a horror movie was made with that name. Con is prefix and also means to swindle. To conn is to steer a vessel. Sance has one less than dance. Seance.

7. Finally a Tohu Verse:

Tohu means Chaos

Kabbalistic bios

Listed ballistic sticks

Licks your boot

Bootleg legstring ring twice as nice

With or without ice

With free rice free ride

Antibody antinomy

Antipathy thyroid

Ovoid iodide bromide calcite

Any site | your sight

Highway myway wayfarer highlander

Der furor Das Boot

Bit of soot cohoot loot plunder

Plum glum lumpsum sumptuous

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