Yesterday and Today!

1. Played 15 vocabulary jams with following scores:

535, 750, 405, 750, 535, 445, 720, 735, 710, 730, 780, 270, 675, 790

2. Ranks:


3. PC and Stephen come from USA(Massachusetts) and Japan respectively.

4. Tasted Mexican Turnip/yam which is also called Mishri kand. The host of the meeting are storytellers, artists, visionary and facilitators:

5. You don’t have the time to search that address and I don’t have inclination to link it properly.

6. Read a small booklet ‘Khushi Ki Talaash,’ suggested some corrections.

7. I asked her the meaning of ‘Theatre of Relevance,’ she gave me the suggestion to google for it.

8. Sweeped library floor yesterday evening.

9. Issued an encyclopaedia in Hindi to Advait who wants to become a pilot. After showing him all of them and some story books : he chose one on ‘Bijalee’ which means ‘Electricity.’

10. No matter how much you try to fit in you never belong. You stop trying and the instinct plays with itself.

11. Scrapped grass and threw it away.

12. Collecting, uploading and downloading the pigeon pea plants that were cut was a job which took more than two hours yesterday.

13. Kingfishers were playing and perching down to pick grains.

14. Pigs entered the fields and started eating up crops of grams.

15. Searching for titles and giving them to the person concerned took some time. Issued three books for four days.

16. Registered some titles yesterday. Extra caution is required against termites.

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