What’s been up and down?

1. Grandma’s nose was bleeding. One distant maternal aunt is in coma. Narendra Chanchal finally heard the call…chalo bulava aaya hai…maata ne bulaya hai…believe me when i say it…it’s not fun to see so much blood, so many deaths and accidents around you!

2. Seeing is believing. Hearing is believing. Sometimes, none of it’s believing. Existence is a make-believe as per some great thinker(Nisargadatt-I am that.)

3. Played 13 vocabulary jams on vocabulary.com and discovered some things:

4. Stephen D. is from Japan. Claire G beat PC today. I discovered that head-to-head feature can be used to compare two players on that site. I am far too behind compared to these top scorers. Zahi R is a new top scorer. These people can score in excess of 900. I couldn’t score in excess of 900 even once.

5. Look at my scores:

730, 605,800,720,610,810,475,750,800,765

6. Ranks:


7. In evening there were 80 to 90 players per game.

8. I wish i could devote more time playing but ah the work pressure! Scrapping the grass when those people are constantly busy playing their petty games which are infact inferior games as per my reckoning.

9. Scrapping grass took too much time. Meditation was soothing.

10. Theatre guys don’t pronounce properly. Their scripts have wrong pronunciations. They don’t pace their acts well. They don’t utter sentences with enough gap. They have funds. They’re making monees. I no making monee.

11. Nobody comes to read books in this library. Books are being eaten up by termite. Town has a population of 21500000. Not 10 people out of that! Some people come to read newspapers every now or then. Others might be visiting other libraries, which aren’t many, by the way. Registered 11 titles today. It would be 2 months when i finally complete reading Aditi, it seems. Compare this performance with say someone like Lori: clearly Lori looks like an amazing Amazon zonesing singularitzy zygoten verbotten tenets. Luckier than me: in that regard…what can i say more than that?

12. The hall is big. One kid died there. He fell from roof. The crack in the ceiling hasn’t been repaired yet. It has been many decades. The building is at least 100 years old in my opinion. Many people died in that building. One student had committed suicide. When I began working over there- it was very difficult to keep records straight: as if there were parallel ghost shifts there in effect. The serial numbers that I used to put used to get altered dramatically. Enough of dramas have been played in that courtroom. Not exactly courtroom dramas. Plays.

13. Being an inventor of Tohu Verse, it’s my duty to keep publishing it on a regular basis:


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