What Might A Suitable Title For This Post Be?

1. Played 6 vocabulary jams:

Scores: (745, 720,740,850,830,595)

2. Getting two scores in excess of 850 is quite good. I received first rank in all of them but first game where Vishnu Ram scored 890.

3. I played some jams yesterday evening. Was happy to play along with PC. In the very first game my score was 730 which matched that of PC’s. Though hang L scored 830 in that one.

4. I realised, as i kept playing: PC doesn’t get scores in excess of 900. He only gets them in excess of 850 on average.

5. The internet speed in this region limits my score on image tests. Images get loaded later than they do for USA counterparts.

6. Moreover, my score on fill-in-the-blanks can’t be improved in the short run. However, i am happy to have found some players who are surprisingly well endowed:

PC, Claire G, Vishnu Ram and Stephen are four such players. Even hang L performs well.

7. My ID is 01. I invite you to play with me.

8. Yesterday evening i had to buy a choke for the rod in the library. The receipt was not written properly. The shop owner hardly had time to write the full name of the institute. The librarian said that office might object at the time of reimbursement.

9. Spent at least 30 minutes to help them attach an iron wire fence to keep pigs from entering into the fields where they eat like pigs and defecate on crops. As such there are many dogs and puppies but the pigs are difficult to catch once they enter: even with expert help.

10. I came across a new meaning of the word riddle today. I only knew its meaning as a noun: puzzle. However, to riddle as a transitive doesn’t mean to puzzle: it means to spread or diffuse through. In the context of the question that was put during the quiz. I was puzzled. Here’s a puzzle in form of Tohu verse:


In the middle,

Might fiddle

With the finger,

Which grates,


Bread read red pasta paste

The taste might defy

Your expectations,

Gingerly gingerly lyrically calculably

I say unto thee heeheehee

Heel of Achilles

Lestrade tradecraft craftsmanship ship wrecked

Zed iodidempotentate ate all that was left

Late in the night

Your plight wasn’t heard

It’s a standard


Hear hear earmarked marksmanship sails

Ails old man


11. Tohu means chaos. Jewish mystic tradition Kabbalah gives the definition. Chaos indicates lack of understanding. That which is considered dissolving chaotic event horizon from a viewpoint is revealed to be a building block or rung of a ladder from another.

I invented Tohu verse form.

The image was captured by me in the premise of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh as i took a break from work. Thanks for your presence and support!

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