The end of the day!

1. Played 5 vocabulary jams on this evening. Wanted to play more but there were more pressing issues at hand. Defying my estimates PC scored 960 in the very first. It was my second jam. I consistently got second rank thence.

2. In the first jam I scored 810 and got first rank. My scores:

810, 850, 840, 590, 455

3. In the jam i scored 590, PC scored even lesser. Highest score was by one player with roman numerals xiv at the end.

4. Couldn’t register any books in the library today though new tubelight has been fit by a regular visitor who also happens to be an electrician. He had borrowed twenty rupees two days ago. He appeared after two days and gave me two ten rupees coins.

5. Had to spend a whopping 3.5 hours for dispatching a courier for a relative of an acquaintance. First i tried creating a scan of a doc, then it needed to be converted into PDF, finally it needed the two PDF files to be merged into one and then sent via whatsapp. Even writing address on envelope needed to be repeated! The guy was driving his bike like a madman. Said he missed saluting a cousin sister while he almost bumped into a bike as we were crossing the road!

6. Burnt garbage after collecting it. The fudge remains fudge. I return to same conclusions without any change whatsoever. Despite deepest of my most profound realizations. Not even a fraction of it can be put in words for anyone else. Not any of it matters.

7. No scrapping of grass today.

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