Reading All Day!

Read a couple of research papers on landslide. I try my best to understand research papers but a lot of technical terms go over my head.

Today’s papers were relatively easier but the number of reference papers cited (~80) left me in shock. The dedication leaves me flabbergasted. I want some motivation.

To lighten the burden of research papers, I read a novel, Seto Gulab (translation: White Rose) by Anish Thapa.

I had brought this novel along with 3-4 other books last year, locked them up in my shelf and was reading them one after the other whenever I felt like reading. The novel finally got its chance.

It kept me hooked from the beginning to end. The timeline in the story seemed off at times and I felt bored by some of the conversations but in general, an enjoyable book.

Didn’t have a good sleep last night. So, feeling a bit heavy right now. Hoping for a different schedule tomorrow!