Saturday 16012021

1. Completed reading 64 pages from Aditi and other deities in Veda by M. P. Pandit. This section is on Savitar or the Cosmic Central Sun. Read 12 pages today. Beautiful imagery.

Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

2. It took me about an hour to scrap the grass as we discussed a horoscope. Prior to that we visited some fringes where garbage is thrown by neighbors. It can’t be disposed off until crops are removed from the fields. Scraping grass was needed to create level field where crops might be put.


3. A birdie came and sat to pick grains as we were busy scrapping the grass. Then it made us busy capturing pics.

4. Spent about two hours to sweep and dustup library and area nearby. The collected amount of dirt under rack number one had become a mound which needed being broken.

Library, Gandhi Smarak Bhavan

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