1. I see a notification by the person who left to meet his mother this evening now. I was thinking about his help in buying an earphone. It has only been a few days–the right side of earphone became dysfunctional. First, the white bud dropped. I managed by replacing it with a black one-then the right side is gone. I am compelled to move. It’s a pattern. Seems machinated.

2. I saluted Mrs. Sahu who was working in the cowshed. She was on leave for two days because of Makar Sankranti. As I walked out of the premise: a new board was being installed. They were also leaving. The cook commented on the slipper of Mrs. Sahu. Dr. Mukul Sahu has taken over. A surgeon. I reach the earphone shop. I pay fifty rupees. The shopkeeper is chatting with the guy who is Mr. Sahu. I would have omitted it as a mere coincidence if it was only three Sahus. No. I read newspaper in library. Chhatarpur Bhaskar: one Deepak Sahu was killed in an accident. However, it doesn’t end there. Mandakini Sahu, a high school student, was selected by sub divisional magistrate along with another student during employment fair for being inducted into operations. Five of Sahus.

3. The other student is named Disha Jain. Her picture was there on a billboard for many months. She was a top scorer. It was only a coincidence that during my brief stint in the school which didn’t pay my salary: I took an English class. She had a good handwriting. Upright. She was disciplined. Bespectacled. Two of those would act like officers for a day. Good for them. And for the officer.

4. The last picture I took was the one liked by the person on instagram which has been mentioned in the point number one. The second last was Moon. It was crescent but I captured its optical illusion of roundness. Spectacular.


5. A jeep was waiting for someone as I was walking briskly towards this house. ‘Mayank’ was written on the back. The guy with the name has relatives living in the house where it stopped by overtaking me just when it reached the house of Mayank Shrivastava. Plenty of dirty water outside. Mayank means: with number. Days of Moon are numbered. Hence the name. Three moons. I recalled Bhagvata Purana opening verse: all Maya is illusory like delusional couple of moons as mirrored in me by me for me by my potency. And i recalled that gleaming headlight on the bike of a police officer earlier in the day: almost at the same place where the jeep was waiting for someone.

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