It was a cold day but it’s not that cold!

Paush (December-January) was unexpectedly warm this year. The sun shone brightly almost everyday.

Magh’s first three days have been unexpectedly colder. Clouds are hiding the sun everyday. Cold wind is getting inside the skin.

I was born in Magh twenty five years ago. My mother tells that fog used to be so dense that it would be difficult to see farther than around 10 metres. Cold used to be bitter. Foggy days are gone. Kathmandu is now mostly covered by smog. It is cold but not as much in those days.

My Grandma lives in Biratnagar with my uncle. Biratnagar is hotter than Kathmandu in the summer but in the winter, it is colder.

In terms of minimum temperature, Biratnagar may be higher but the lower difference between maximum and minimum temperature means that you have hard time tolerating the cold.

The duration of cold wave in Terai (e.g. Biratnagar, Birgunj, Nepalgunj, Bhairahava, etc.) is increasing annually. In the hills and mountains rainfall/snowfall is decreasing.

Kathmandu has not seen a drop of rain since October. It’s dry season but last year was wetter. Also, the mountains have lost most of their snow and are looking black. Bad signs for Himalayan river basins.

Once, in my dream, the snow in the mountains of Annapurna Range had disappeared and trees had grown. Seeing the recent photos of mountains, I feel my dream is coming true.

Global warming is affecting our water resources, bringing more diseases and changing our ecology. Even without emitting large amounts of carbon, we are being more affected.

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