What if Buddha and Christ lived in Modern World?

Just watched a Japanese animated movie (anime) which explores this question. It’s named Saint Young Men.

Buddha and Jesus are on a vacation to Japan. They wear T-shirt and Jeans, get excited when they see vending machines and look forward to discounted sales.

Jesus is often called Johnny Depp and is also mistaken to be a Yakuza (Japanese mafia). He also loves blogging. (I wish I could add him here!)

Buddha actually followed Christ. So, he just tries to enjoy what he sees while trying to be calm over things he does not expect to happen.

Both Buddha and Jesus are recognizable from their hairs but people just see them as strange foreigners. Some people sometimes pray in front of Buddha but they think it’s only because of his weird appearance.

While the movie was hilarious, I got sad thinking that such a creative take would be hardly accepted in conservative societies. Saint Young Men could be hard to digest for conservatives. But I truly believe that the Gods would love visiting modern Japan.