Enjoy the weekend with this healthy poori bhaji

Let me tell you I am an Indian and Indians love their combo of deep-fat fried bread called poori and lightly spiced potatoes to the point that they have it for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. But, ask anyone and they will tell you it isn’t healthy. Also let me tell you that I also love to cook and have tried to create a poori bhaji that is tasty as well as healthy.

I had just returned from my morning walk when I passed by a local shop selling the delicacy. It was after coming home that I thought of making a post about the dish for my blog. But, the food recipes here have to be healthy and so I am creating my first recipe of delicacies that are otherwise thought to be unhealthy and turn them into dishes that even a health-conscious person may enjoy.

In this recipe I have combined pooris made with spinach or ‘Spinach Poori’ with a vegetable dish made from sweet potatoes (instead of potatoes) and chickpeas which are both healthy.

To make it more healthy use canola oil instead of dalda ghee.

One thing to be noted is that I am posting for you to enjoy the weekend.

I hope you like this humble but healthy treat from your friend Rehan.

Spinach Poori

Palak puri recipe with step by step pics. Here is a delicious variation of poori made with palak or spinach. These palak poori have a beautiful green color and look good on the dining table.

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The Bhaji

Basically this is Chana Masala (an Indian delicacy made with chickpeas) to which swee potatoes have been added to make it more healthy.

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