Multiple Narratives About Same Event!

  1. Rashomon is a classic. The movie has been directed and enacted very well.
  2. Before watching it: Memento by Nolan based on Memento Mori, a story written by his brother and ‘The Seventh Horse of Sun,’ based on the story written with the same name by Dharmveer Bharati and directed by Shyam Benegal were my favourite introductions to cinema with stories having multiple narratives or viewpoints for same events.
  3. Undoubtedly, to the best of my knowledge, Rashomon is first such example in the popular cinema.
  4. However, as far as literature goes: Bhagvata Purana, which was written in Gupta Dynasty period in India according to some or written after Mahabharata war( if it really took place,) according to some predates all known sources in genre. One example: after the death of Hiranyaksha, his brother Hiranyakashipu…comes to talk with his grieving family.

5. It’s the layer first of the story. In the second layer another couple of narrators come, in the third layer, another couple, and so on. The layers go to level six: akin to Nolan’s Inception. You find many such marvels of narratives in Hindu Puranas where many narrators add their viewpoints about same event.

Note: As I saw Sandeept’s post, i read it and started typing my comment. The comment soon got lengthier than it should be as per the commenting etiquettes. This post is inspired by Sandeept’s post published just a while ago.

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