The Great Wall of India!

1. Rahul Sharad Dravid was born on January 11th, 1973 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. He served as the captain of Indian Cricket team.

2. He’s regarded as one of the greatest test batsmen of all times. The best number three(first down) from India and best batsman overseas.

3. His batting technique was flawless. It were the formats which challenged him. He was criticised for his low strike rate. Master of defense shaped himself to adjust to all formats and entertained people apart from silencing his critiques. The nice guys don’t finish first but he did.

4. A peaceful person to the core. A competitive role model for youth, he always kept team first and his own records second. His decision to end indian inning when Tendulkar-the star player was near his double century made him subject to criticism of many people but he did what he considered appropriate as team captain.

5. His middle name Sharad means Autumn. The last name means ‘Wealth.’ The Dravidians were original residents of Indian sub-continent as per one theory and they spoke Tamil which is considered to be more ancient than Sanskrit as a language.

6. Rahul means Moon, able/skilled in Sanskrit. It means traveller in Arabic. Lord Buddha’s son was also named Rahul.

7. When I used to pass by Indira Nagar in Bangalore, which happened often- I used to dream about visiting his house. What would have happened at max? Like thousands of other fans: security would have shown me out. I didn’t try reaching out to him that way. I didn’t try any other way either. Dots advertisement in movies bored me to the core but he was doing his duty to earn a living.

8. Hardwork, discipline, courage, consistency and adapting oneself to face new challenges were core strengths of Dravid. He was mentally very tough. Some bowlers literally used to cry and beg him to get out. Even audience wanted to get him out sometimes. Only Brian Charles Lara comes near to his patient contemporaries in building such a defence.

9. He served as a wicket keeper and batsman when the need arose. He holds many records for staying fit as the best slip catcher and consistently playing test matches without a break. He was called Mr. Reliable and The Wall.

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