Thanks for making me a part of Blogger’s World!

I am glad that the admins of the forum have accepted my request to join Blogger’s World.

To start with let me thank the One Almighty God who has created us all. This brings me to how I became an author on this forum. Well, it all started with my blogging fundamentals course on WordPress and a post made by Thumbup (Vicki) onBlogger’s World!. One of the lessons in my course told me to visit a blog and write a nice comment on a post in order to become part of the blogging community, because blogging is 50% publishing and 50% community.The post on which I commented was Thumbup’s in which he had just said Hi There, to which I said Hi in return and asked him about himself. In his reply, Vicki said there is nothing remarkable about him. But, I believe that God has made nothing useless and every person has his/her own special qualities. I also believe that ‘All lives matter’ be they black or white, rich or poor because we have been created by the same Almighty God, who is the Beneficent and Merciful.

Speaking about myself, all I would like to say is I am Rehan Kazi, a family man and a father- of-one from India.

I edit ne ws online for a living, love to share knowledge with others, and help them in whatever way I can. This love has led me to create my blog Towards A Better Life where I would be sharing articles from across the web to help you enhance and enjoy your life.

My blog is a curated collection of some of the best articles online with topics ranging from self-improvement to technology. It aims to help you become a more evolved person and live a better life.

I also hope to have a good time here with new friends on Blogger’s World!

While ending my post I just remembered to say that I am happy to share a good news (which must have become a bit old) that the Covid-19 vaccine has come and we can finally hope that the trouble the world is facing due to the pandemic may end soon.

Hence, I wish you all better days ahead

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