Keeping Track of The Number of Bloggers Introduced or Helped!

Hi Sandeept,

1. Though it’s true: kindness can’t be documented and counted but acts of commaraderi, kindness and generosity are dependent on memories which help them continue in case of forums and institutions.

2. This forum’s vision and original purpose is in its inception story: our class. Originally: helping new bloggers who don’t have many followers, find it difficult to do even small technical tasks or have difficulty coming up with new ideas or feel depressed, isolated and lonely.

3. It’s true: we are not licensed psychiatrists, nor healers, nor even greatly successful bloggers who earn millions of dollars. But we are committed to give some amount of our time and energy everyday to help anyone and everyone who joins us here or meets us on our journey as we read and interact on WordPress. The simple reason why i lost all motivation to stay connected with any bloggers here: because my expectations were betrayed. Let’s be more realistic this time around.

4. It’s only a request for you Sandeept. Let’s keep a count of number of people introduced/helped or added as authors here today onwards.

For example: as you have sent an invite to Rehan: it’s number #1. The blog link you shared is number #2. If i share a link today: it should be number 3. These stats would not be updated by WordPress. They are only for two of us or for any other author who wants to use them.

Current count: 2. Let’s build on this count and measure how soon we can reach 100 and if we can continue to maintain good relationships with all people.

5. Having given it some thought: i am open to the suggestion of removing author access of all but only few people who are active here. Rehan, Oneta, Vicki, Arwen the book blogger etc. It would be restored as soon as anyone asks for it. Let’s have it realistic. We don’t really have 203 authors contributing regularly.

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