How many generations?

1. Tiwariji was asking me about where i was actually from.

2. His grandfather’s portrait is on the Southern side wall of library. He was a freedom fighter.

3. I have been asked this question countless times.

4. I answer ‘Charheepurwa’ and ‘Balkaura’ as names of village. I have never been to those villages.

5. Taparian, near Lakheri is where i spent some of my early childhood.

6. For logic’s sake: Narendra Kumar Shukla and Santosh Kumar Shukla spent most of their lives in Chhatarpur. I spent most of it in Chhatarpur. I belong to Chhatarpur though i want to get settled in Norway or Korea if given a chance…maybe in Canada.

7. I shouldn’t be asked this question. It’s illogical to ask someone where they are from if they have three of their family generations living at some place. We all go back to Lucy or primordial soup or ancient fish or ancient Archons if genealogy is traced back far enough.

8. Not just Tiwariji but two Mishra guys asked me the same thing within a day. It’s not a coincidence. They recommended me to work in skills India. It’s not the first time i have been given that recommendation.

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