Th(ai)y candy is not for free!

1. Sarita Singh, a naturopath came smiling towards the iron pillar and i returned it. Her husband asked me to move whereas i was already moving. I had a brief discussion with Soman uncle who is popular as Kerala uncle. The great flood of Kerala was the moment i got acquainted with him. A retired man who worked in hospital with a genteel nature. He works like a professional botanist to cultivate a small garden inside biotic Farm. Fame doesn’t elude him as his Red ockra is one of its kind.

2. Yesterday, Sarita Singh’s husband who works in SBI came with a guy. He said he wanted to see Soman uncle and asked if he was inside the farm. I told him what i knew.

3. Later the guy came with his friend to enquire about library membership. They returned from somewhere and it seemed they were in hurry to go to Tehsil. I asked his name. Mahendra Singh Chauhan. We will be back tomorrow.

4. They couldn’t make it here yesterday. Like umpteen previous enquirers of my tuition services who were young and old and many enquirers in library. Why do call not get converted? They knew what library is about. They knew Soman uncle was inside the farm.

5. Meanwhile Tiwari Ji is back. He used to come frequently when i used to teach Vivek- brother of Shivashish another Tiwari. His grandfather was a freedom fighter and donated land to Gandhi Smarak Nidhi. He was talking about some bond: either get some work from him or he would have to fill bonds. He once praised me when i met him on my way to somewhere like Ramsharan Patel appreciated me as i began scrapping grass and weed around the dump tanks near loo.

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