An inactive community is a dead community!

1. This forum gained its first 750 odd members(not just followers) within the first four months(from August 19 to November 19) in the year 2015, when it was created.

2. At least 10-15 members used to actively contribute here until the two of them on the front and rest behind my back planned to ask me to step down from the post of admin.

3. Since then: the members have reached to 1600 plus: about 850 followers in 4 years. You do the statistics and you do the maths. They aren’t even contributors. Only one or two people used to write a post in six months. The forum indeed remained like a dead forum. It’s a fact. Why someone would rather keep a dead forum than an active forum is a mystery to me.

4. I am not promoting my personal welfare. As other members have contributed: you can contribute. The guidelines are there to facilitate you and not to inhibit you. The people who put the guidelines disappeared.

5. The site is hosted by the WordPress and it should take care of accidents(hacking) like one which happened on December 20th, 2020: 60 of my posts being moved to trash in a single day. The domain name was gifted by WordPress to the founders of site for healthy activity: not to any one person who decided to make an admin and left the forum dead.

6. While playing the very first jam on the sixth question was on the word ‘Afghan.’ I recalled how i had asked the meaning of the word when i first visited Pam Kirst’s blog. She replied it and i developed an etymological association with the word as it related to Afghanistan. She contributed regularly as a creative writing coach and expressed surprise on my moving out in the January of 2016. I had time then, I have time now: I told you: this was my baby. I nurtured it with other parents. It died and it was revived. Even a dead blog can continue to have increase in its number of followers. I would not regret losing all of my data if WordPress deletes this site one day. It’s all given selflessly. As it was given in 2015-16. What pained me was not Piyusha or Pam being admin here but rather its being inactive or dead in the name of community welfare. An inactive community is a dead community.

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