Darkness Hearkens!

1. As i was reading ‘one proud post’ submitted by Vani: it struck me.

2. There were two synchronicities. Two coincidences.

3. I uploaded two pictures on instagram after running and walking for 1 Hour 50 minutes in Shatabdi ground. I also played vocabulary jams with PC, Stephen and others on vocabulary.com. My ID is 01. I invite you to play with me.

4. I labelled pictures as ‘two moons’ and ‘towards Cancer’ as Moon is entering the sign Cancer by transit.

Two Moons or three?

5. The story has a reference to ‘two moons’ a theme also found in Vyasa’s Bhagvata with 4 verses. It also has a reference to Cancer.

6. Those two coincidences look quite normal. The story was written on 23.10.2020. I received a blow with a bamboo cane on my left thigh by a black commando of military earlier this year on 11.4.2020. 23 years after i was beaten by one Manoj Chaturvedi in class 7th in Maria Mata Convent High School. It was the only case of brutality against me other than my parents who used to beat me on a regular basis until i reached class 9th. They kept doing that in subtler forms later on.

7. Kristina Van Hoose’s cat was named Smore. I read her stories and they touched my heart. Then she disappeared. A verse for the cat of freckled lady:

Smore more morel

Relevant losel sells

Elliptical ellipsis sisal salut Salubrious

Lipton tonnage age old doldrums

Mystery darkens darkness hearkens.

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