32122331| 31122020

1. Played 8 jams in Shatabdi ground on vocabulary.com with beautiful view of Moon.


2. The title of the post suggests ranks i received this evening.

3. I walked and ran for about an hour and forty minutes as a preparation for the upcoming marathon.

4. Vishnu Ram, Stephen and PC played very well. Congratulations and a very happy new year if you are reading.

5. I missed playing with Claire G. My ID is now 01. I would feel happy if you play with me.

6. It took me about 4 hours to empty the garbage tanks and dump it to Nadep posts number 3 and 4 in Gandhi Smarak Nidhi premise.

7. Registered about 25 titles in library. Couldn’t count as i needed to anxiously search for my matchboxes which were stolen by someone. It might be the same person who puts Ganesha to sleep while he needs to play. Yes you!

8. Could score better on the jam on words derived from Arabic. After reading Pam’s comment which was made about an hour ago it dawned on me that ‘Palm Leaves’- the title kind of sounds like her name! Palm/Pam. Homonyms. Another unintended synchronicity. I actually meant that my posts were deleted by someone and i had to publish them by moving them from ‘trash’ to ‘published’ status about a week ago. I think she didn’t read that post and hence the confusion.

9. The 21st year of 21st century begins. I don’t have time to reflect on what was gained or lost last year. I would have loved to watch a good print of movie Tenet by Christopher Nolan this evening but it’s not available.

A Tohu :

Carafe car affected arra

Rastafari aria arial Ariel

A real rialta riata

Sayo nara chara arroyo

Yosemite kitten tenet netizen


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