Who Was She?

1. During blogging 101 Alumni class organized by WordPress blogging university i was undoubtedly the most active student. I interacted with most number of people. I proposed idea of a forum like this to not lose the positive momentum that was built.

2. There was another student who was very active. Second most active to be exact. Her name was Kristina Van Hoose. A website with tagline which i suggested her survived but rest went spiralling down after i had a little chat with her via emails. In one of my dreams i saw her wearing a white shirt. The dream guide said she was from Brazil and there were monkeys around, watching as i hugged her.

3. The last two sentences of the point number two saved in form of email that i had written to her along with the accusations of my ‘correcting grammar of others’ was used as an excuse to make me step down from the post of admin which i held very dearly to serve them all.

4. At that time the cognitive dissonance was caused by another blogger named Izza Ifzaal. Those two blogs survived but their creators disappeared.

5. I am no Sherlock Holmes and she was no Irene Adler yet it puzzles me sometimes. It wasn’t an irreparable damage. Not for me.

Here’s a proposition, a verse, and a question.

I guess she was one of these people: if you know her clear identity and tell me where she blogs right now: i shall consider you my friend. If you think being my friend is risky you might pass it over in silence despite knowing the reality. You can merely comment that you know but won’t venture to tell. It’s a pressing matter for me though not life threatening. Pray tell now or keep your secret for eternity.

1. Pam Kirst

2. Piyusha Rajveer

3. Nandita Manan Yata

4. Devika Mathur

5. Sandra aka Shine Ferrer

Those four names because we have seen their faces and they’re published authors. I don’t know if Pam Kirst published a book but she’s freshly pressed. Sandra’s voice was similar to MVS and Nandita. Or i have some difficulty differentiating voices like the prosopagnosia of sorts.

She versus her

Verses severe

Verisimilitude of spoorloos

Loose ends tide

Tide remains

Ebb and flow low

Whose hoosegaw?


Aww awe awesome mesolithospheremitemeritzyennoblennyayaveracity?

Because growing up should have wings?

Or should it not be boring?

Rings, ravines gulch bovine vineyards,

Is there an option to answer?

Yes, there are four.

Make your guess now.

Give the reason behind your assertion and let me enjoy clarity that comes by knowing.

Some day it’s going to get resolved. Why not now?

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