The Storm!

1. The preface to the book Toofaan(The Storm) by Khalil Gibran talks about his being old in thinking. Wise. He lived only forty years. His books give a glimpse of life in Syria and Lebanon but his stories have a unique voice. Profundity.

2. The first story is named same as the title of the book. The book has been translated into Hindi by Narendra Choudhary.

3. The story has a character named Yusuf-Al-Fakhari who talks to the author. A couple of years ago I read one of his books under the eight petalled lotus. The next day the storm broke an electric line in the southern side fields. Then i witnessed the revival of an insect on my lap. Then i realized the ‘Dead City’ in action. I told about this to her and she asked me to do it again with usual nonchalance.

4. The fourteenth day in the Deendayal Rasoi brought an experience. The registrar asked my name again. I told it. Prior to that it was asked only twice. I saw a person getting extra serving of curry and realized that even i could do that when needed as i used to eat plain white rice without curry. I requested and received extra curry and felt grateful. All that- for ten rupees.

5. The whitewash of walls has covered the mantras on wall. Such as: “don’t leave food on plates.” “To feed poor people is a great merit,” etc.

The one on door which says:

” Please leave your footwears outside,” remains.

6. I need to put such a notice on library door. I registered 10 titles and played quiz on Free Rice. Also a vocabulary jam. Took some pictures.

Deendayal Rasoi 14
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