Happy Birthday Ranjana!

1. In our training batch of 29 or 30 people in October 2009, in Chennai, there was a girl. Or a woman?

2. “Chutki bhar sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano…Ramesh Babu..” she was so full of dramatic talents.

3. She used to sit on the front bench on the left hand side, just besides Naresh.

4. Mind you: she knew programming. She could code. I was happy to absorb air conditioned air. I used to absorb plenty of it:” kal ho na ho aaj hi le lo.”

5. She was very sensitive.

6. She inspired my post “Shit Headed Guy.” It was an email and i used to beg people to read what i wrote. She called me that and i made art out of it.

7. Our destinies were woven together. For a while. I was fortunate to roam around with her, Sudeshna and Monica. They were all too dramatic to be true. While I was playing Ramana Maharshi and Vishwamitra by turns they were playing ‘Chal ranjo’ and ‘Chal Monu’ by turns. Sudeshna Roychowdhury was a wonderful singer. We sang many songs but verses from Gulzar’s Aandhi appealed me most in those days.

8. As we were looking for apartments for them. We walked a lot together. We were new to the city of Bangalore after having been in the darkness of Chennai- “another country” as per Vyas.

9. It was then: she said “if I didn’t have a boyfriend in Bihar i would have made you my boyfriend.” Aha! Nobody said that to this poor guy before! Even Roychowdhury affirmed. Then I knew they were not just playing. Roychowdhury was a sincere girl. She worked hard. We were together in the first team. She was cute. Ranjana was not cute. No.

10. She was a lady devil with histrionics. She had dramatic talents. She taught me how to bitch. But in the end this happened:

11. Once we were taking a coffee break just outside the ODC(Offshore Development Centre)

{ Brian Adams plays in the background: “those were the best days of my life aye aye….tring tring…}

Oh i bought a guitar. I saw one recently and it reminded me of 7000 rupees investment i did in those days. It resulted in nothing.

12. Control! It’s about Ranjana.

Her employee ID was Jhara. Can you see that meant: jhaadoo laga di…

13. Outside the ODC: it was Aman’s friend. I was talking to her in a way which showed that we were chums. She didn’t like that as she was looking towards her future prospects with Aman. A marriage on cards. They married and became immortals.

14. She had asthma. Had dark circles below her eyes. She was from Bihar as well as Bengal. She called me ‘Chocolate Baba.’

15. I learned it from her for the first time that girls keep two boyfriends at least. One onshore another offsite. I was too far behind them- having devoted all my life in pursuit of moksha or liberation. They were enjoying cafe mochha. Anyways, we had nice ginger breads near the guest house of Cognizant.

16. Even Ravneet had a boyfriend at a far off place and she was romancing with Vyas. Upasana shared a number with me surreptitiously. I couldn’t comprehend what the fuck was going on there. I told that to Jhara and Realized that sweet and sour soup and lemon soda salted was all i was supposed to have. Botalon se kya gila hai doston…bhaag me pauaa mila hai doston…

17. It was her who told me that she saw someone on back of my bike. I dropped Prakriti once. It was enough to create talk. Debashish used to live nearby. They weren’t blind. They knew what was going on.

18. It was her who told me that I had a very disarming aura. That nobody can be inimical to me. That I was an Arhant. She confirmed it to me but then a lot happened. Like that telephone wire.

19. Munishri Vidyasagar walks 33 kilometres everyday. He can win a marathon everyday. The news was published in Dainik Bhaskar in 2018. It inspired me to walk. All great people walk. Bradman, Vallalar, Gandhi, Vinoba and Munishri.

20. She once asked my opinion on her dress. Suman Chatterjee asked her to not wear revealing clothes as they both used to talk in Bengali. The guy used to touch women and throw flying kisses and here he was advocating abstinence. I told her that it was completely upto her to choose her clothes and i had no opinion on that. I didn’t consider Chatterjee’s suggestions as worthy of being taken into account unless she also accepted them.

21. Out of all three of them: Ranjana, Monika and Sudeshna: i got to spend most amount of time with Ranjana as she was a coworker. We sat near each other for many months. We went on treats. Monika was there but she was too self conscious of her charms. Ranjana was there as a friend and co-worker since we knew that there was nothing romantic between two of us. She was smartest among four of us who came from our training batch to Bangalore.

22. Happy Birthday Ranjana! Jhara! Bandhu! DRAMA QUEEN! Chutki bhar sindoor!!!!

( Her birthday is on 31st of December)

My Ramana Maharshi is likely to be very heavy on new year’s Eve: therefore I wish her health, wealth, bliss, peace and prosperity in advance. Aman. ☮️. Peace!

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