Lies Part Two!

1. I published a post titled ‘Lies?’

2. I showed that post to the person concerned.

3. He said he retains movies with scenic memory and not with titles.

4. He has shared space with Shyam Benegal who he said only talks in English.

5. I emphasized on this point: since we tend to remember different details depending on what we consider important: I reckon that he didn’t consider the movie to be as important as i did.

6. This brings me again to movie itself which is a work of art: i appreciated it more after watching movies like Memento, Timecrimes, Groundhog Day and Triangle. They all offer multiple viewpoints to review same scenarios which go all the way to quantum entanglement and Hindu Puranas which talk about countless trillions of universes in the causal ocean. Parallel realities.

7. But that wasn’t all. Growing up, i watched it first on Delhi Doordarshan on a Sunday. I couldn’t understand. The plot was complex for my young mind. Whatever puzzles us remains in some corner of our mind like a complex, waiting for right quantum to get itself untangled in eternity of events.

8. With the age of internet i could download it and watch on my laptop. It was really fulfilling to finally resolve at least one of my childhood mysteries.

9. He had no problem with my post. I asked for his opinion and told him that I was willing to edit my post or delete it if he considered anything to be uncomfortable or not in keeping with decorum of civilized communication. He didn’t need editing.

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