Bundelkhand Marathon 2021!

1. Registered 9 books in library.

2. Completed reading 24 pages of Aditi by M. P. Pandit.

3. Played 4 jams on vocabulary.com this morning. Received first rank in all of them but one in which I received second rank. Am planning to play some more and invite you to join me in the adventure. My ID is 12.

4. Meditated for a while in the field basking in the Sun near yellow mustard plants.

5. Registration for Bundelkhand Marathon was a two hop street. First I reached to Mangalam House and met the host who called up his friend whom I had met before. They insisted on receiving fee via bank transaction alone. I deposited two hundred rupees by visiting Union Bank. Then I informed the host who confirmed my registration. Looking forward to participate in this event.

6. Played Free Rice quiz and visited Deendayal Rasoi where I had a nice lunch for ten rupees.

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