1. The 13th day in the Deendayal Rasoi was also synchronicitically the 13th lunar day of month as per lunar calendar.

2. I registered 63 titles yesterday.

3. I have completed reading 20 pages from the book ‘Aditi and other deities in Veda’ by M. P. Pandit published by Sri Aurobindo Press Pondicherry. It has 185 pages.

4. I had a brief discussion on ‘strike-breaker’ import of word ‘scab’ as i described its etymological story discovered by me.

5. What passions music can’t raise or quell?(Dryden) I heard Mirza Ghalib.

6. Played 10 vocabulary jams. Bondboy was absent. Here’s a summary of my scores:

A. First rank: thrice.

B. Second rank: thrice.

C. Third rank: thrice.

D. Fifth rank: once.

Here’s a Tohu verse made with words culled from jams:

Curmudgeon on and on mud

Drums beat bogged down by gown

Blubber berry berserk dereliction

Dryden much fun

Compunction unction

Ions on onions

Snow won now on Mount Meru


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