Christmas 25122020

1. I went to a Church near bus stand. They were celebrating. There were some policemen. I took a red chair and sat in the space near Church where they had put a TV screen. Since Church was not open I picked the book ‘Aditi’ out of my bag and continued reading it. I read about 10 pages and made some notes in my portable memory bank.

2. M. P. Pandit, the author of the book writes about Adit and Diti. Puranas tell that Aditi is the mother of Vishvedevas whereas Diti is mother of demons. Aditi is light. Diti is darkness. Aditi is undivided consciousness. Diti is fragmented consciousness. To generate light you need a process akin to defragmentation of memory: Integration. It’s integral Yoga. It’s akin to VLSI or Very Large Scale Integration in Electronics.

3. The Church opened after a while. I asked a lady if I could take pictures inside and then took pictures:

Christmas 25122020
The Great Time! 25122020
I am the Way, the Truth and the Life! Without me nobody can reach to the Father!
New Testament: 25122020, Maseehi Church, Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh
Let your nature be similar to messiah Yeshu.

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