A Tohu Verse!

1. I registered 31 titles yesterday. It took me 4 hours to do that.

2. I also played 14 vocabulary jams.

3. I received 1st rank on 6 of those vocabulary jams.

4. In three of the jams I received 3rd rank.

5. There were 10-15 players on an average in every game.

6. Bondboy Fandashe appeared with three of his avatars in one of the games but disappeared soon. Merry Christmas to you. Stephen D also appeared. I couldn’t play with PC or Claire: I hope i get to play with them on new year’s eve or in the new year.

7. My ID is still 12. I invite you to play vocabulary jams with me on vocabulary.com as it will help you gain verbal advantage. The Tohu Verse created with words culled from jams on vocabulary.com:

Sabotage ancestors derivatives

Subtly lyrically calculably

Obviously secretly Kaaly

Secrete errand plaque

Echo 2018 ship

Ipsum gypsum abomausum

Summum bonum numbattuesday

Token kenophobe hobnob Baobab

Babbleback machines

Echolalia Alia Lia iambic pentameter



8. Tohu means chaos. What we perceive as chaos merely indicates dissolution of old and emerging out of new order. Lack of intelligence or knowledge is the cause of chaos in your life. Therefore, try to increase your knowledge by all means. Try to expand your consciousness. Become more aware. Read, meditate, listen, watch, learn.

9. I am inventor of Tohu Verse. Tohu comes from Jewish Kabbalistic tradition which gives the most clear understanding of reality. The man-model of Jewish mysticism under Sefirods head available on Wikipedia for reading is akin to Purusha Sukta in weightage. I don’t see any difference between Jewish or Hindu mystic traditions. Jewish mystic tradition is similar to Sikhism in essence.

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