One Proud Post

Last month, I received an email from @pamkirst2014. She had written about a weekly/bi-weekly theme. “The contributor,” she had written, “should share “One Proud Post” from their blog.” She had given me some dates to choose from; I chose the the top one: December 24. I sat in front of my laptop in the morning to write this post but something came up and I got busy throughout the day. At 5:00 p.m., I remember again. And here I am still trying to find out which one post I’m proud of.

I have published more than 250 articles on my blog Stories of Sandeept since I started it in 2015. There are so many posts that I’m proud of. Which one should I choose? Please bear my rant as I decide to share the link to the One Proud Post. (I’ll take names of others but won’t share the link here.)

The first article that comes to my mind is “Some Women Who Died For Love”. This Valentine eve post got a huge boost from Blogger’s World when it was published. It still is my highest viewed post till date. Someone even plagiarized it on Quora!

“4 Exemplary Stories of Friendship From the Mahabharata” is the next one I’m proud out. It’s one post that is keeping my blog busy even when I don’t post a thing.

No doubt, I’m proud of these posts but showing my pride solely on the basis of statistics feels… odd. There must be others that I’m proud of, based on their content.

I’m now remembering a lot of articles that I wrote on Nepali. A lot of them were related to politics and so many predictions I have made have come true. (I should be proud but these predictions have had negative outcomes!) @onetarhayes often complains of those “foreign” script that she cannot understand. Mentioning them here makes no sense at all.

There are several posts related to book reviews, music and movies that I have loved. One article about the Nepali folk-music band “Night” is the one I remember the most. Whoever has heard them, loves them. But very few people talk about them. Very few mainstream media talk about them. Even in this surge of YouTube content in Nepal, they continue to remain underground most of the time. I feel great that I found them and wrote something about them.

But discovering others is not the most difficult task in the world. The most difficult thing is to find yourself. I have struggled a lot trying to find myself. Once, inspired by love, I wrote a letter to my Soul-Mate. I still read the letter to remind myself I am capable of loving someone unconditionally but also regret that I was not brave enough. Then, there are articles in which I wrote about near-death experiences. For a few days after such events, a rush of inspiration would come upon me, but it would fade away and I would feel more miserable.

To admit I am miserable, that I am not “the wisest” or “the most-hardworking”, and to confess that I am hiding a ton of problems under my smile was the hardest thing I had to do. This I did on my post: “Isolation”. This is the first and only article I was scared of posting. Before posting, I had to ask my best friend and friends from college, “Will you believe me if I say I am not friendly, that I deliberately push people away from me?” Only when they ensured that they would, I posted it. And the response I received was nothing short of magic. We opened up a lot. I came to know so many things about my friends, and in the process, I discovered something about myself. All of us have experienced nightmares. Everyone has faced problems in friendship and families. But we all crave for love, and only love can help us escape the “hell” we experience. And that’s the post, I’ll forever be proud of.