Hinged Zed Eye!

1. The summary of my scores on vocabulary.com this morning:


Couldn’t note down the score on the 6th jam.

These are out of 1000 per game.

Ranks: (3,3,2,1,2,3,2,2,2,3)

First rank: once, Second: five times. Third rank: four times.

Top scorers: Paul H., Bondboy Fandashe, Iceberg, Stephen D.

My ID is 12. I invite you to play on jams with me . It’s fun and it helps you further your career.

2. It’s National Farmers Day in India. Farmers are on strike in Delhi. It’s news. One of them wrote a letter in blood.

3. Suresh Raina has a large poster on the wall of Sulabh Complex near Chhatrasal Carrefour. Suresh Raina was partying with his friend. Suresh Raina detained. No clue whom to consider role models anymore.

4. It’s 23122020. 23 is entering into the third wave or cosmic dissolution. Jim Carrey’s movie had 5.4 IMDB stars when i watched it. I had watched many similar movies before. I like the Truman Show better.

5. Gold. Brahmin. Navami. Revati Quarter one ruled by Mercury on a Wednesday. The planet of analysis, mathmatics, calculation, computing, economics, compassion, decision making and education. 100. Atmakaraka Mars has matured. It’s about to enter the constellation of Archer as Christmas approaches. Gajendra moksha strotam recommended today. Baal Gangadhar Tilak who was the founder of BHU was fond of this verse.

6. A Tohu verse composed with the words culled from jams:

Comeback come back

Rejoinder reminder der furor teutonic Nick nictitate ate ictus

Convictus tussellated tesseract

Bertrand Russellated ted stalks

Om Mani padme hum gulshane hum

Hummingbirds Ming Dynasty

Nasty stylus lustrous omnibus

Busted stead succubus incubus

Sulcus custard apple pie

Pleonasm redundant antenna

Leonine tailgating gatecrashing

Hinged zed eye bye and bye!

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