Visual thinkers and listeners!

1. While we are contemplating “Baal:” The killing of Shishupal hinges primarily on speech. Vaasudev is concerned about environment more than his self image. Hence he throws the power of positive thinking : which was originally given by Shiva. It’s shown as a metal discus in movies.

2. The sensitive listeners can’t bear negative or harsh words. Vaasudev is concerned with music. With flute. Every word matters. I always tried to talk positive. Even when I was down or depressed. Until it got out of hands.

3. Indra represents hands: Karbhaajan. Even writing is done with hands but harder the job: more valuable it’s considered. For example: “Sau Sonar Ki Ek Lohar ki” means: Ironman or blacksmith has to wield just one blow and goldsmith has to wield 100. It is about war. Field work or collected execution by archers. Goldsmith is an alchemist and does a finer work.

4. Visual thinkers gifted people is the name of a book. Poets like Vallalar and Manikavacchagar were visual. They exalted the dancing lord. Theatre and movies. Natarajan. Even Tesla was visual. Imagination gives you wings they say. Unless you have a sound foundation: the awakening energy will lead you astray as imagination goes full throttle. Then the word keeps you in check.

5. Naamdev, Kabir and Nanak exalted name. Even Gandhi was fond of name. Tao te Ching talks about eternal name. Logos is name which gives Ambrosia. Christ. Paul. Paal? Are Paal made of Paul’s modified version. The essence is: someone who drinks ambrosia shouldn’t speak negative against anyone else they are sacrificed. Hanged men. Sohung. The number 13.

6. Complete act is made of all senses. The practice mostly advances you on path. I feel : Vallalar was a visual thinker and attained perfection as he focused on Natarajan. So did Manikavacchagar. Was that guy incarnation of Vyaghrapada? I saw him in a dream. His face was different in that one. But I knew him before. My family had entered a cave and I was being checked by him. His name was similar to Atul and the thread connected it today to Yashraj the older version. The world is merely names and forms.

7. Poets and mystics don’t stop to elaborate because the sights consume them. Beatitude. Beneficence. Sundaram. Rum. Rumpledstiltedskin.

8. Visuals and words complement each other. In the appalling reality of life where else do you find peace but in music, verse and dance. Bolero. I slowed down way too much. It wasn’t on purpose. Maybe it was on purpose near railway station. I don’t know. That’s the importance of devotional literature. It’s to give you positive thinking. Sudarshan.