The Shortest Day of The Longest Year!

1. Spent a long time moving a lot of posts from trash to drafts and then from drafts to published.

2. Registered 19 titles. I intended to play some vocabulary jams and to bowl for a while but the time eaten up by updation of blog made it impossible.

3. Here’s a summary of ranks received on jams this morning:


On an average 10 to 15 players played per game.

4. Honorable mentions: Bondboy Fandshe, Meher S., Max L, Hang L.

5. A Tohu verse made with words culled from the Jams goes likes this:

Distaff staff riffraff far off,

Offering ringu gulch ravine

Vineyard yardstick stickler

Pallet euphony cacophony

Homonyms eponyms monotremes

Metronome monochrome meteor shower

Warlock lockhead headlong longshoreman

Mansetude etude Deuteronomy

Mynah Hannah ahamadine

Foofaraw raw vegetables tables for

Twos threes fours and doors

6. Bought a portable memory bank worth ten rupees.

7. I had brought a tally counter to sell in 39 rupees to the Saanchi shop guy who looks like the psychologist in the Inland Empire and works for the proprietor Ashok Raikwar. I was late and hired an auto. An e-rickshaw. A guy sat besides me but the shop was closed. Why am i losing guys i keep promises to?

8. The event reminded me of a similar setting in which a guy from the vicinity of Rohan’s uncle’s house sat. It’s poetic and yet it fails miserably in the long run. I stick to facts for a while. Seeing is believing. Listening is believing.

9. Haven’t seen Royapuram guy for long now.

10. The Pune cook used to talk about the Dahapuri Church.

11. 21.12.2020 was the shortest day of the longest year of my life. The longest years are toughest task masters. The birds are returning to their nests.

12. Can i still bowl for a while? Should I rush to the ground or wait another day?

13. I needed to comment on Krishnarav ji Daate : Volume 5 has a note. It says : “Krishnarav ji was reading this book in his last days.”

( Mahatama in eight volumes by D. G. Tendulkar)

It immediately engrossed me. The person was the secretary of this institution: Gandhi Smarak Nidhi for some time and died here. I was told he was from South. The book has notes with pencil marks in both Hindi and English. I am not sure if they’re by him.

14. The tenth almirah has some of the costliest books in this library. The racks have paired rows. It’s difficult to arrange those books and find them out if the need arises. I read some passage i had highlighted in the last iteration in the book titled “Untouchables” by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

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