Some WordPress Sites!

Here are some sites I liked visiting in last four years or so: I wouldn’t recommend you to leave comments. You may do as your discretion allows you to do. These people are good at what they do.

  1. James Harbeck at Sesquiotica:

He’s a linguist and editor. His name was on Peter Schmies vocabulary test top scorers. He used to write for general public: diluting his expertise. Now he writes for Time magazine. You may find a free ebook on better writing. Certainly worth visiting if you like to read and learn but please don’t try to initiate a conversation unless you are absolutely sure to go all the way. OTOH: you may hire him to do your homework : if you can afford!


  • Paul Cooijimans :
  • Just google his name and you will find many websites. He might be the smartest person alive : in the league of Chris Langan( who wrote Cognitive Theoretical Model of Universe), Rick Rosner(Who wants to be a millionaire),Terrence Tao, Marilyn Vos Savant, Michio Kaku and Magnus Carlson. DON’T initiate a conversation. I just did his horoscope this morning.


  • Kristina Van Hoose:
    She was one of the members who helped create this forum. To not to be polite: she was the second and I was the first. She is on a hiatus but in case you get nostalgic about this forum’s history: you would find plenty of stuff here and elsewhere as her signature works.
  • 4.
    Pam Kirst had another blog. Please ask her politely about it. Her posts are not as long as they used to be. She was one reliable sage worker who kept contributing consistently to our forum: helping you all. If it wasn’t for her : this blog wouldn’t have seen me writing here again. Perhaps it might have been taken down by WordPress for lack of activity.


  • Project Renaissance:

    I read a book by Dr. Win Wenger PhD in 2002. The Einstein Factor was its name. Richard Poe was his co author. It changed my life forever. It didn’t create material wealth for me. But it made me inclined to record my ideas with a hope that someday I might also become a genius like others : Starjade the Deuteronomy prophet, Dhaniram or… Catherine M Cox’s literati. Don’t try to contact him. I translated a book for him for free because he had sent me a set of books at my groundmail delivery address. Hawkeye. Pray. Prey. Prepare well before you meet his lasor focus.

    #ideas #pipwork

    Well: the title says some WordPress sites. Not all of them are.

    Leave your signatures in comments below if you want me to mention your site in next such post. You can also do this work if you want to. If you don’t : either Pam or I will take such random numbers. See ya…