Narayan Narayan!

1. In my darkest nights: once I saw a dream. It was a horror house. A bhoot bungalow as Jai Tripathi apprehended clearly.

2. Anyone going to play would never come out of it.

3. Anyone going for work might come out of it.

4. I was there with a friend. I was terrified.

5. It was one of the worst nightmares.

6. When my heart stopped in duplex and I showed it to Satyam in Mahaveer colony: we heard announcement of Airport authority of India hiring inside stadium. I went with Satyam. My head was bursting. I couldn’t enter inside. A boy appeared who upon being asked told his name as Vaibhav Choubey and address as Galla Mandi. I once stopped in Galla Mandi. The rain wasted grains of wheat. I went to Raja uncle’s house. The fire ritual. Making of earthen Lingas. We heard a similar announcement today: Shri and I.

7. Many years later: I had seen many seasons. I was back to Choubey Colony house. I was cleansing the ground and Umang as well as his friends began playing Cricket outside this house.

8. First arrived Vaibhav. They named him Academy. His counter was Naman who was friend of Satyarth. I now realize: neither those friends were right in mocking him as academy nor I was right in once thinking that academy students were better than me or Satyarth.

9. Satyarth or Naman were Eklavya of Mahabharata. Vaibhav and academy represent Pandavas.

10. Just ask me how many times I had to give my thumb in gurudakshina.

11. I had another dream just before I was employed by Sampat: Vaibhav’s grandmother. It was about a lord Ganesha temple. His color was yellow. Very few could reach those heights. I felt a strange synchronicity as I saw many toys in his house along with Ganesha images. Similar to me: he had run away to Harpalpur. I once went to Harpalpur with Raja(Prashant) but he went with a dream to become a cricketer.

12. He was born in the year I gained perfect Samadhi: 2007. On July 11. I checked his horoscope and found his yoni to be Ramses: an immortal.

13. Strange as it might seem: I found a friend in him. I felt as if I had found Kuldeep Shukla of Maria Mata again who befriended me in class fourth. We together dominated the class as nerds. Hypermetropia is the word he chose. He gave me Myopia. We were parrots. Shukadev. Shukla. Singers of praises of Dancinglightofgrace. Rekha madam- the librarian had asked us to learn words.

14. I asked Sampat the meaning of the name Vishu: she went to Vaishno Devi many times for pilgrimage. It was short for Vishnu. Both Vaibhav and Sampat meant wealth. Va is antastha whereas Sa is Ushma color.

15. Once he took me to the attic for lessons. He jokingly said to his cousin sister: “he’s my father.” He knows and I know how that is true. Perhaps some others do. It was first concrete understanding in afterlife experiences.

16. There: a flash displayed this image. An image I was so fond of: Mahavishnu behind him and he being my teacher while I was the student. My grandmother always tried to tell me stories of Ganesha being Krishna. When I had that magical experience in this house in which I had returned from Mahaveer colony for rescuing my sibling : the father and mother were past and future. I was the present. I was Krishna and Ganesha. Compassionate logos.

17. With the second floor building of this house: it was revealed to be confirmation of that dream.

18. I had another such dream in 2012. Satya Prakash was taking me to attend a ceremony to Arvind uncle’s house. I saw a white light covering my vision. Somehow I went beyond spacetime and light crystallized to become the destination.

19. Same thing happened to Piyush Patel last year as his father was driving. I told him that Raman Maharishi’s experience was similar as he was returning after taking oil bath.

20. 2012 dream of my reaching was for NASA like scientific lab. It was rich. I reached here. You don’t get what you dream. Reality is just that: reality.

21. I was trying to enter stadium in 2016. Now I am practicing bowling. Dreams fulfilled.

22. Merits do matter: was the constant suggestion by Satya Prakash and Vandana. Today: Dhaniram was carrying a yellow paper and Satya Prakash was carrying a white paper. They represented : Yellow for Ganesha. White for Vishnu.

23. A couple was walking ahead of me. The wife had vermillion in her head she was ordinary looking but healthy. The man was handicapped but handsome.

24. It was orchestrated.

25. I am telling you: Kesariya people are dangerous people. Don’t mess with them. Yeh to ghar hai Prem ka khala ka ghar naahi.

26. I am telling you: kabbalists are dangerous people. Don’t mess with them: Sonam aunty walked by my side. The incense sticks were named “Mannat” today. Sonam company. How do they do that? Waah Waah! She has pain in knees. I also have pain in knees. Waah waah! I saw Prajapati uncle from roof this morning after his walk. He knew about my death when Shiva Mangal uncle placed a fire for mosquitoes outside his house. Who keeps the records? Waah waah.

27. God is not your uncle is Jewish saying. Just do it: read the tshirt of kesariya boy : matched with the girl who wore one with similar writing.

28. How many deaths before you begin dreaming? Asks Aakriti Kuntal.

29. Just one is the answer.

30. Narayan Narayan.

31. Marriages are made in heaven. Matches are made in heaven. My maternal grandfather was in this business. They’re like play of gudda and gudiya. I never gave my consent for marriage. I thought I saw Aradhana on way. I don’t like obese women or men. I like myself the most. I am a freelancer. I am independent. I am honest. Tathagata. I jerk off whenever I can. I love watching porn. I love playing Cricket. I like walking and running and music. I love beauty. I love truth. I love myself and I absolutely hate aging, decay and death. To Vallalar and Manikavacchagar. Satyam. Shivam. Sundaram.

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