Forget It Not

1. I read the poem above by Varnika and couple more by Ken. They’re beautiful verses.

2. I played vocabulary jams on which I scored 1223334 ranks. There were very few players. I would play some more.

3. Based on my discussion with Devika this noon i recalled that i had following blogs:



Absolutely ridiculous

Absolutely ludicrous

Absolutely bunkum

The Art of Dying

Dancing light of grace

4. Thus: I have kept 8 blogs in 9 years. Actually i launched another site last night on WordPress which means i have kept 9 blogs. Blogger’s World is tenth blog to which i have contributed. If you come to think of it i did considerable work on and The Couch Forum before they disappeared.

5. Japuji and Kabir talk about Niranjana as one who can’t be seen but monitors everyone. For the age of Kaali or machines-it’s surveillance. Atheists or scientists may assume that mystics like Kabir and Nanak actually travelled in time to an age where instrumentation was developed beyond their age. Thus present day surveillance and monitoring comes across as Niranjana.

6. Venus has won over Mars in the planetary war. Virgo rises. She enjoys balanced poetic song in the house of ancestors. The constellation of Taurus houses her with her mother in the ninth division. A muse. A warrior. Controlled by wanderers in wild.

7. 7.12.2020. Balance. South node of Moon. Ketu. Ganapati. 7. 5. Mercury. Seventh lunar day in the dark half as per the lunar calendar.

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